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  How We Worship... 

Our goal in our worship service is to honor and
worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24).
We strive to be a non-denominational, Bible-centered
church in all that we do. We understand that our practices are sometimes
influenced by habit, preference or tradition.  However, with the Bible as our guide,
we gather to bring glory to God and to worship Him according to His will and to praise His name.

We would love to have you visit us here at Southbelt Church of Christ soon. We want you to feel comfortable in visiting us and would like to let you know what to expect when you walk in the door.

You will be greeted by several of our members as you walk in the door. We feel a warm greeting to our visitors lends to the family atmosphere that you will feel as you worship with us.

Our background may help you understand us. Our goal is to restore the New Testament church in our time. We attempt to determine what the church was like in the beginning, and to be like that church as much as possible.

Now, let us walk you through a typical worship service...
We begin our worship services at 10 am. As you walk in the front doors, the auditorium will be to your left. Though many members tend to sit in the same place every Sunday, please feel free to sit anywhere you wish. We promise we wonít bite if you get our seat!

Our congregation
You will find a diverse bunch here at Southbelt Church of Christ. We have blue collar, white collar (not worn by the preacher!) senior saints and babies. We are from different walks of life, different levels of education and are all at different stages in our goals in serving the Lord and becoming more and more like Jesus. Our commonality is found in our belief in God and His word, by which we live, worship, and place our hope of eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We have a friendly and warm congregation that loves each soul that walks into our doors. It feels like family here and thatís what youíll find; brothers and sisters in Christ loving God, one another and our neighbors about us.

Our Singing
We will generally sing 7 or 8 songs during our worship service. There will be books in the racks in front of you to use if you would like to participate. The Church of Christ is unique in our singing from other churches as we donít use the accompaniment of musical instruments in our service. We believe the Bible teaches that we are to sing with our voices, a-capella if you will, from the heart.

Our Praying
We will have several prayers during our services. We feel an important part of worship is the communicating of our love and praise to God as well as our requests for help in our times of need. If you have a prayer request, please let one of our members know before the service or write in on a visitorís card and place it in the collection plate and we would count it a privilege to pray for you.

The Lordís Supper
We will participate in the Lordís Supper or communion during our service. We believe that the Bible teaches us to observe this weekly as the first century church did. This Supper is in remembrance of the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The first item to be passed by attendants is unleavened bread which represents the body of Christ. Each participant will take a piece and eat it.  The next item will be the fruit of the vine or grape juice. Each participant will take a small cup, drink it and replace the cup in the tray. This juice symbolizes the blood of Christ.  Please feel free to participate in this Memorial Supper of Christ if you wish. Donít be embarrassed if you choose not to. Simply pass the trays along to the next person. If you have any questions about the Lordís Supper, please ask the minister or any of the members you feel comfortable talking to.

The Offering
Following the completion of the Lordís Supper, we have a time of weekly offering for our members. This is a time set aside for our members to give to the Lord according to our beliefs in the Word of God. As our guest, we will not ask you for money at any time. If you would like to make a donation, feel free to place it in the offering trays as they are passed.

The Speaking
We will have a time of instruction from the Bible during our service that we generally call the sermon or lesson. The length will vary but usually lasts about 30 minutes. Our preacher does not go by any special name like pastor or reverend. His name is Steve Ellis.

The Invitation
At the close of the sermon, an invitation will be offered to come forward if you have a need such as prayer, baptism, or the confession of sins. All who wish to respond come to the front of the auditorium while the congregation sings.  Please donít feel ill-at-ease during this time. You will not be singled out in any way.  If someone does come forward, we will attend to whatever need they may have such as prayer or confession. If they respond indicating their desire for baptism, you will witness this during our service.

What will be expected of you?
We want all of our guests to feel very comfortable and at ease when you visit. We donít want to put anyone in a position of feeling embarrassed or out of place. We will not call on you to be a part of our service unless we have asked you first.   We would like all of our guests to fill out a visitors card. This will allow us to have a record of your attendance with us. The easiest way of turning in the card will be to place it in the offering plate as it is passed. If you'd like to give it to one of the men in the foyer, that will be fine too.


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